Relax Formula

A natural stretch fabric

Precious and exclusively natural raw materials are innovatively treated to create Relax Formula fabrics.

Natural elasticity

In the step of finishing, a low-temperature treatment modifies the structure of the fibres, giving the fabric a natural elasticity without the use of synthetic components.

Untreated cotton fibre
Cotton fibre treated
with Relax Formula

The result is a durable and breathable fabric with bright colours, with a soft hand feel that is pleasant to wear, which remains so after numerous washings.



Relax Formula is a fabric that is always comfortable on any occasion from day to night. The wide range of available quality bases in different weights, colours and designs makes it ideal for making both a formal or a casual shirt.

A special treatment


The secret of these fabrics lies in an innovative low temperature treatment that, during finishing, modifies the fibre structure, parallelising it and making it more uniform and linear. This treatment, in creating spaces between one fibre and the other, gives the fabric a natural elasticity, without resorting to the use of synthetic components.

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